Donation Box, Collection Box, and Donation Can Fundraisers

         Donation box, collection box and donation can fundraisers are one of the easiest and fastest fundraising methods for a nonprofit organization or charity group to raise money for their cause. The donation boxes are relatively inexpensive and long lasting. Each collection box can raise up to $60 per month when placed in high traffic areas. Donation cans are also a great way to spread your groups message and to promote awareness of your cause.

Donation Container Fundraising for All Groups

Many nonprofit organizations and charity groups have successfully used donation boxes, collection boxes and donation cans in fundraising campaigns. Here is a short list of groups that can expect hold successful fundraisers using donation containers:

         Fire Departments

         Ambulance Squads

         Humane Societies

         Animal Rescues

         School Groups

         Sports Teams

         Relay for Life

         Cancer Groups




This is just a brief example of the many groups that use donation cans for fundraising. If you don't find your nonprofit or charity group listed you can still use collection boxes as a great money making fundraiser.

Single Site Donation Container Fundraising

Donation boxes, collection boxes, and donation cans can also work as a fundraiser for a single site. The National Park Service (NPS)uses donation boxes as an integral part of many of its parks fundraising strategy. Twenty five years ago donation boxes were an exception in parks. Today, most NPS parks have one or more donation boxes.

         The donation boxes in the U.S.S. Arizona Memorial Visitor Center collected over $300,000 in fiscal year 2003.

         The Friends of Great Smoky Mountains National Park maintain a total of eleven collection devices in the park, as well as in local airports and surrounding cities. Donations from these boxes exceed $200,000 a year.

         Muir Woods National Monument averages $28,000 per year in donations from their donation box.

         At Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, the park's donation box attracts over $80 per day.

         San Antonio Missions National Historical Park received over $12,700 in contributions last year through their donation box.

Get Your Donation Boxes Free

Many nonprofit organizations offer local businesses the opportunity to sponsor their collection boxes. In return for a small acknowledgement on the donation can or the attached printed message a local business will donate the funds to purchase the donation boxes. Get one business to sponsor all your collection boxes. Or many businesses with each sponsoring one. Line up your sponsors first and your nonprofit won't have any out of pocket expenses!

Local businesses that are a perfect fit for sponsorship of a donation box fundraiser are:


         Car Dealers

         Auto Body Repair Shops

         And Lots More!

Your Collection Box Fundraising Strategy

Isn't it time to integrate a donation can fundraiser into your nonprofit or charity organization fundraising strategy? It can raise funds fast, is easy to implement, and will keep on fundraising for your group 24 hours a day - 365 days a year. Start by visiting our donation container product page and selecting one of our attractive, durable, economically priced collection boxes.

Or, let the Charity Box Factory can design a custom donation box for your nonprofit or charity. Our team of engineers, product and graphic designers is standing by ready to create custom collection boxes and collection tins to meet your specific needs. Just say the word and we will create a unique, one of a kind, donation container for you.

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